The new 'Diploma In Creative Producing for Theatre and live performance'.

"I've learnt so much over the past few months and can't wait to put it into practise!!" 

Charlotte Young, DipCP

"I’ve completed my first raise! Your training, guidance, and the network The Maverick Academy gave me was absolutely instrumental in getting me this far, and I can’t thank you enough for that."

Jonathan Kingsley, DipCP

UPDATE - The first cohort graduated in February, 2021.

Applications are now open for a place on the 7th cohort which will meet for a 14-week course starting in NOVEMBER 2023, working with our Faculty of top, working theatre professionals. If interested, apply HERE. 

A unique, degree-level, part-time course.

After a decade of success with our one-off workshops, we are excited to launch a new and unique, more sophisticated, in-depth, practical training course for theatre and event producers.  It has affordable fees and a structure that allows students to work as well as train - The Diploma In Creative Producing for Theatre And Live Events.

Where: London, England, but the lectures and tuition will be delivered by Zoom and therefore available worldwide.

When: 7th November, 2023 for 12 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday 7-9pm GMT in term time. There is a 2 week study break.

Please note - this is an Online course. Applications are welcome from anywhere in the world.

Programme Description.

The Diploma programme prepares students for professional roles as creative producers in a wide variety of theatre and live performance events and provides them with a comprehensive awareness of the work and functions of the professional creative producer under current conditions.

The programme furthers its students’ creative and intellectual development by enabling them to understand and communicate the nature of the professional practice of creative producing; develops their abilities as a creative producer to a professionally acceptable level; and enables them to become autonomous, reflective and self-aware to a professionally acceptable level.

The programme is rooted in the current realities of the role of the professional creative producer in theatre and live events and in the blend of practical skills, creative team-working, problem-solving and personal taste and judgement that this role requires.

The Diploma may be centred around theatre practice, but it is open to Creative Producers working in all performing arts, including opera, live music, dance, circus, live art, musical theatre, festivals and more. Many producers work across a portfolio of projects which may also encompass visual arts, publishing and film. The course will not focus on these areas, but the skills taught will be transferable.

Industry-specific and practice-centred, it incorporates many professional practitioners into its teaching and learning processes, including Julius Green, Simon Reilly, Vicky Graham, Joseph Smith, Will Brenton, Katy Lipson, Katie Merrit, Stage One, John Adams, John Probyn and others.

Programme Rationale & Aims.

An integration of industry-related practice and critical/contextual study, the programme...

 - prepares students for professional roles as Creative Producers in one or more of a wide variety of theatre and live performance events; and

 - provides students with a comprehensive awareness of the work and functions of the professional creative producer under current conditions.

The aims of the programme are to further students’ creative and intellectual development by...

  •  enabling them to understand and communicate the nature of the professional practice of creative producing;

  •  developing their abilities as a creative producer to a professionally acceptable level, either as an independent or employed by a company.

Programme Structure.

The programme has seven units over two terms that gradually build to provide a varied learning experience of the work and skills of the creative producer.

One: The Creative Producer

Two: The Producer’s Toolkit

Three: Production Finance

Four: The Producer and People

Five: The Producer and Research  (this module chosen according to students interests)

Six: Being a Producer

Seven: Personal Project/Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2024.

Programme Additions.

Edinburgh Fringe membership and all cohorts will be invited to attend Creative Producers networking opportunities from Stage One, established by the Society of London Theatre and will have membership to the www.CreativeProducers.Club

In addition, we are occasionally able to find students paid work at the Edinburgh Fringe.


Entry Criteria.

Entry is by online interview. Applications are open now.  You need...

  • A good command of the English language.
  • a desire to become a creative producer of theatre and/or events either independently or for an organisation.
  • Minimum age for admission is 18.
  • Access to the internet.

A good honours degree in a relevant subject is desirable (but certainly not essential) or the equivalent (e.g. professional or professional-level experience) But we are all about access.  You can apply for an interview online today.  Contact us and tell us in under 1000 words why you are applying, your experience to date and what you hope to achieve. If we think you could benefit from the course, we will arrange a short, online interview with the programme director.

Programme Director.

Nick Hennegan M.A., M.I.E.E.

Nick has successfully produced hundreds of plays, created fringe networks and designed numerous events for blue-chip clients and leading ad agencies. He has a Masters in Creative Producing for Theatre and Live Performance from Birkbeck College, University of London and has won numerous arts awards, including a Sony Radio Award and a bursary and top-up from The Society Of London Theatre's Stage One.  He is a member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship and was nominated for a Millennium Creative Briton.  He has produced and written a number of films.  He will also offer signposts to further learning.

Visiting lecturers and teachers will include top practitioners from the world of theatre producing, marketing, business, accounting and sales and encompass all disciplines, from small-scale fringe to national and international touring, including Julius Green, Simon Reilly, Will Brenton, John Probyn, Vicky Graham, Guy Masterson and CEO of the Society of London Theatre's Stage One, Joseph Smith.

Course Fees. 

On-line (world-wide) £2,000 (Edinburgh Festival 2023/4 additional £300 option.)

Fee structure   

£500 non-returnable deposit paid on acceptance.  (It will be returned if for any reason the course is unable to go ahead.)

£1000 at start of first term

£500 at start of second term.

Course attendance type.

COHORT SEVEN:  Part-time over two evenings, 7pm - 9pm, GMT, Tuesdays and Thursdays, in two terms, from NOVEMBER, 2023 for 12 weeks. There will be a study break mid-term.  There will be individual tutorials for each module.  Plus an optional 2 nights at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2024. Other dates might be needed by negotiation.

There is an ongoing and open application process. Places will be awarded from March 2023.

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