Who is the Diploma course suitable for?

This is a practical, part-time producing course suitable for people who:

  • wish to develop producing skills and knowledge without having to give up a regular job.
  • work in an allied area (e.g. arts management/administration, education and outreach/directing/acting) and wish to gain a more practical experience.
  • would like to gain confidence and enhance communication and creative business skills.
  • are considering studying producing at MA/MFA level and would like experience.

Structure of course.

The diploma is now online. We work Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7-9pm GMT, plus individual tutorials, with the option of 2 nights in Edinburgh - the world's largest open arts festival - in August 2023.


Where does the course take place?

Since the pandemic, we are now on-line, via Zoom.  All students are invited to attend the Edinburgh Festival for 2 nights in August.  We arrange accommodation, Fringe Club membership and networking meetings.  You are responsible for your own travel to and from Scotland.

How many students do you have per class?

We want to keep the classes small, but there are a maximum of 8 places available.

How often does the Diploma run?

After the success of the first courses, we are currently now taking applications for a Seventh cohort in November 2023.

Can I interview on-line or do I have to come to London?

You interview online .

Do you offer any bursaries? No, sadly, not at the moment.  Although there are outside organisations that supply bursaries that can be applied for.  And those living in England should investigate the Arts Council 'Developing your Creative Practice' Grant Scheme.

Can I fail to be awarded a Diploma?

Yes. Students who do not reach expected standards will not be awarded the Diploma, but all students will be awarded an attendance certificate. The diploma will be assessed by a final interview with the faculty.

Is the Diploma accredited by a university?

No - and deliberately not. The course director has a Masters Degree in Creative Producing from the University of London, but we want this to be a practical course and concentrate on producing theatre and creative events, rather than academic qualifications, which also adds considerably to the fees.  All of the faculty have post-doctoral experience. 

My question isn’t covered here. Who can I contact?

Please CONTACT US for more information.

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